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Care Plus Center

The Care Plus Center is a new state of the art facility offering an array of diagnostic testing procedures performed by professional registered technicians. With the most advanced selection of General Electric products, we are “Clearly focused on you” providing highly technical and sophisticated testing capabilities in a comfortable, caring environment.


From the beautiful décor and the friendly staff, to the cutting edge medical equipment you will be impressed with the speed, ease, availability and accuracy the Care Plus Center provides.  When you need expert diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, work health solutions, PT/OT/Speech and after-hours care, come to the Care Plus Center.


Imaging Services

Our imaging center is proud to offer a picture archiving communications system (PACS).  The PACS system digitally transmits and displays images allowing for immediate access to patient information, increased efficiency for the staff.

Digital Radiography

The Revolution XR/d is a completely digital system engineered to deliver superb diagnostic imaging. It combines dose- efficient image quality with the procedural flexibility needed to handle virtually any radiographic exam.  This dual system technology is the first in the state of Kentucky.


Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner

A CT scan is a simple, safe, and painless examination providing a detailed look at any area of the body.  The scan produces a series of images and can detect many conditions that do not show up on conventional x-rays. GE’s Lightspeed QXI has the capabilities to detect and help make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. The results help determine the best course of treatment for you.


The award –winning design of the GE Diamond Analog Mammography machine offers comfort for the screening and detection of breast cancer combining technology and quality to provide sharp, excellent and reliable images.



The GE LOGIQ 5 addresses today’s clinical environment with superior image quality, computational power, and image management.  LOGIQ 5 offers leading advancements in ultrasound imaging for the entire patient exam-abdomen, OB/GYN, small parts, vascular urology and pediatric.

Bone Density

 With the PDX Pro Series, patient scanning is quick and automated with QuickScan capability.  This unique feature makes DPX Pro the fastest pencil-beam densitometer on the market, allowing rapid acquisitions without compromising the precision of the results.  Bone Density exams are used for the screening and early detection of bone loss.


Medical Laboratory

In addition to diagnostic imaging services the center houses a medical laboratory and draw station.  On-site the lab can perform basic laboratory services including urinalysis, complete blood counts and general chemistries.  For more advanced tests, samples will be referenced to the medical laboratory at Jellico Community Hospital.

Jellico Community Hospital is please to bring you these services where your health care needs are our top priority, as we are clearly focused on you.